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Apollo Swing was founded in 1996 by Geneviève Vermylen and Didier Loiseau. Both lovers of the music and fashion from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s, they discovered Lindy Hop in old films, and were thrilled when they discovered that it was still possible to learn the dance at Herräng Dance Camp - the world’s largest and longest-running Lindy Hop festival. Immediately taken by the dance, they couldn’t wait to share their passion for it at home.

Upon returning to Belgium, Geneviève and Didier immediately started organising swing parties, quickly adding classes alongside these events in the hope of attracting other attendees to dance. It wasn’t long before Lindy Hop had spread across the country - as one of the first schools offering Lindy classes in Belgium, Apollo Swing became pioneers of the now-thriving Belgian swing dance scene.


Apollo Swing

Motivated to develop themselves as both dancers and teachers, Geneviève and Didier travelled around the world to learn from and train with the world’s best Lindy Hoppers, such as former Whitey’s Lindy Hopper Frankie Manning, and Sweden’s famous Rhythm Hot Shots. In 2001, Geneviève & Didier from Apollo Swing, with 2 other dancers, created the international swing dance festival, Crazy Swing Camp, which over the years has welcomed many of the best swing dancers in the world, and still continues today.

Apollo Swing

In 2012 Elise Moureau joined Apollo as a co-owner and organiser, and Apollo Swing split into two halves, allowing the school to spread further across Belgium. As a whole, Apollo now runs classes at 7 venues in Brussels, along with regular weekly classes in Antwerp, Leuven, Liège, Namur, and Sint-Niklaas. 


Since its humble beginnings in 1996, for more than 20 years Apollo has continued to evolve, bringing in new generations of teachers, and keeping its finger on the pulse of the international Lindy Hop community. We want teachers who are excited to share their passion with students, and classes that are inclusive and maintain a sense of fun. Different styles of dancing and approaches to teaching are celebrated and embraced here at Apollo: swing dances are dances of improvisation, freedom and expression. One way of doing things doesn’t work for or inspire everyone; diversity, creativity and community are at the heart of what jazz dance is all about, and our mission here at Apollo Swing!

From now on and to better serve you:




Elise is the organizer for My Old Fashioned Dream NPO for the classes held in Brussels (Etterbeek, Ixelles, Saint-Gilles), Leuven, Liège, Mechelen, Namur and Tienen.




Geneviève is the organizer for Feet on the Road NPO for the classes held in Antwerp (Deurne), Brussels (Elsene) and Sint-Niklaas.

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