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Apollo Swing House Rules

Apollo Swing


  1. Apollo Swing welcomes all people, regardless of gender/gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and so on.
  2. In joining us, you agree to treat our staff and your fellow students with care and respect.
  3. Psychologically or physically hostile/offensive behavior will not be tolerated. If someone asks you to stop touching them, or to stop a behaviour, accept what they have said, and stop. If you harass someone, you may be asked to leave - this choice is made at the discretion of Apollo teachers and staff.
  4. For the comfort of all, please dress appropriately, and consider that in our Lindy Hop and Shag classes, you will be dancing while touching others’ upper bodies. Some of us sweat more than others, so a change of shirt and deodourant is always appreciated!
  5. Our teachers reserve the right to move students up or down a level at any time during the semester, depending on how suited they believe a student is to the level they’re registered for, and on the lead-follow balance in each of the classes.
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