Nguyên-BaoThai Ngoc

Coming from different backgrounds, Bao has spent most of his time exploring diverse disciplines around movement and flow.  He came across practices such as martial arts (wing chun, systema, tai chi) and acrobratics (acroyoga, acrodance, contemporary dance) which all share common concepts and ideas built around body exploration, awareness and connection with partners. In 2018 he discovered Lindy hop and was immediately attracted by the way people enjoy the music while sharing body patterns in joyful and energetic ways. Swing dance was definitely the perfect combination between technique, flow, playfulness, acrobatics, improvisation and self expression.  He joined the Jazz Maniacs teams in summer 2022 and dedicated his time exploring and pushing his practice to the edge, always inspired by the spirit of the old time dancers.
Bao Apollo swing

Lindy Hop:

Level 2, 
Level 4