Visual artist, Ornella Macchia is also dancer, performer and teacher of Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz from Brussels.She is inspired by the Authentic Jazz and Swing of the Afro-American community between 1920' and 40 in Harlem, New York.Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, Harvest Moon Ball, Spirits moves, etc. are her sources of inspiration.With a background in gymnastics, classical dance and Tango, she flourished in Lindy Hop in their rhythmic and theatrical aspects.In 2017, she joined the Brussels performance group Jazz Maniacs which is characterized by Flashy steps, Fast Dance and Aerials. Recently she joined the Old-Style Jazz Dance Troup "The Old Soulz".She performs in Belgium and abroad, in festivals and competitions... and winning the last Savoy Cup Team City battle.As a teacher, Ornella aims to share her passion by combining technique, challenge, and individual development in a joyful manner!
Ornella - Apollo Swing

Lindy Hop:

Level 1 SWITCH, 
Level ELEF 2 Intermediate, 
Level 1 NEW, 
Level 2, 
Level 3