Maroine Amimi

Since a young age, Maroine has loved engaging with all the performing arts. Today, he is an actor, director, theater facilitator, violinist, oud player, and dancer with the swing performance troupe Jazz Maniacs. In the professional Belgian theater community, Maroine is often seen as an actor who performs as if he were dancing and making music. Although he primarily makes a living from theater, in every creation he undertakes, he likes to invoke and combine all his expertise from other artistic disciplines.When he first watched the Whitey's Lindy Hoppers dance in the 1941 film Hellzapoppin', he was not only impressed by their bodily technique. What struck him was how these African American dancers transformed their bodies into rhythmic musical instruments and the dance floor into a theatrical stage where colorful characters met, soaring like acrobats with immense freedom of movement and spirit. Maroine fell in love with the swing universe and quickly realized that this type of dance would allow him to enjoy his three passions simultaneously! His dream today is to see dance floors transform into grand theatrical stages where adults allow themselves to play together like children.
Maroine - Apollo Swing

Lindy Hop:

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