Helena Bosseloo started dancing at an early age. From Ballet in kindergarten, winning a title in the Belgian Championship (funk/hip-hop) at fifteen, Helena started choreographing and teaching dance in various disciplines for ten years (jazz dance, street dance, oriental dance, dance theatre). She also incorporated different influences in dances. Helena has a passionate, creative personality. She worked for a well-known fashion designer and co-founded a dance school, of which she was the creative director and a full-time instructor. Inspired by the style of the early 20th century, Helena is now exploring retro hair styling, make-up (Retro Lena) and the design and making of retro clothing. If that were not enough, Helena also completed an intensive Yoga teacher training and currently teaches weekly Yoga classes. After retiring from dance for a few years, Lindy Hop reignited Helena's passion! It's not only the cheerful energy of the dance, but also the style, setting and atmosphere that make her heart pound faster. She has been an instructor at Apollo Swing in Mechelen since 2015.
Apollo Swing Helena

Lindy Hop:

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Solo Jazz:

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