Geneviève Vermylen is one of the founders of Apollo Swing, which began in 1996. It was her passion for the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s which naturally led her to Lindy Hop. Taking her first swinging steps at Herrang Dance Camp - arguably the most famous Lindy Hop festival in the world - she soon began travelling the world to train with and learn from top instructors. Geneviève’s goal was to see a dancefloor full of swing dancers of all ages, enjoying the fabulous jazz bands of Belgium; a goal she more than reached as the Lindy Hop virus spread, with new scenes, festivals, associations and schools flourishing across Belgium. Geneviève has also been a head organiser of the festival Crazy Swing Camp since 2001, which annually hosts some of the world’s top swing and jazz dancers.
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