Born in Italy but bred in Vienna as a dancer, I have been learning to stop worrying and love the dance since 2016. Jazz music is what got me into swing dancing but in turn dance has allowed me to deepen and broaden my understanding of music. During these years I have been exploring different styles: starting from lindy hop, then falling in love with shag and last but not least, having to make more space in my heart to accomodate tap dancing. If I learned anything in the time I spent dancing (definitely not turning out well in photos) is that what makes it meaningful over and over to me is first of all the quality of one’s rhythm and then the rewards that are coming from learning how to exert control on your own body. Oh, and that when in doubt, faster is always the answer.  
Apollo Swing Federico

Lindy Hop:

Level 3


Level 2, 
Level 1 NEW

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