Architect passionate about dance and movement. Ellen began her dance journey in 2017 with lindy hop and expanded her repertoire in 2019 to include collegiate shag and balboa. Later, blues was added. Her love for dance originated in her grandparents' living room, inspired by their boogie woogie. Ellen has participated in numerous festivals and workshops at home and abroad, including the Scandinavian Shuffle in Sweden, Sitges balboa weekend in Spain and Berlin balboa weekend in Germany. This year, she is taking her first steps as a dance teacher, with a focus on balboa. Her dance style is instinctive and fluid, with a strong attention to detail and a passion for exploring new movements. Besides swing dancing, Ellen also enjoys practising other movement forms such as contemporary dance and yoga. These practices help her move her body more consciously, which further refines and deepens her dance style. Ellen is an adept follower. For her, dancing is a process of cocreation. She strives to further develop her personal dance style and bring initiative to dance as a follower. 
Apollo Swing Ellen


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