As an art historian, Elise has always been passionate about early 20th century art and design, as well as the music, fashion, film and theatre of that era. So naturally it was love at first sight when she discovered Lindy Hop as a student in 2010. Incredibly motivated, Elise danced at every opportunity and travelled internationally to attend workshops and take private lessons, finally joining the Apollo Swing team in 2012. Since 2016 Elise has been running one arm of Apollo and loves organising almost as much as dancing! Passionate about developing her skills across a wide range of swing dances including solo jazz, Charleston and Balboa, as a teacher Elise wants to bring this passion and enthusiasm to her students, and believes very much in making swing dancing accessible and fun for anyone brave enough to try it!
Apollo Swing Elise

Lindy Hop:

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Solo Jazz:

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