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The dance classes at Apollo Swing are open to people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience. Our instructors are excited to share their passion for jazz dance with anyone willing to listen; our classes are relaxed, inclusive, social, and just a lot of fun! Different styles of dancing and approaches to teaching are celebrated and embraced here at Apollo: swing dances are social dances, defined by improvisation and freedom of expression. Diversity, creativity, and community are at the heart of what jazz dance is all about, and our mission here at Apollo Swing! 

Level 2

Level 2

You’ve mastered basic 6 and 8 count figures (like the tuck turn, send out, change of place, circle and swing out), know your charleston, and can quite comfortably switch between all of these in your dancing.

During this course we will continue to expand your vocabulary with new moves, concepts and rhythms, and will help you improve the technique of your basics.

To take this class you must have followed +/- 1 year of weekly classes with Apollo Swing, or another school. If coming from another school, please try to register to the level that sounds most suitable to your experience - at class, our teachers will then assess whether or not you are in the appropriate class, and reserve the right to move you up or down a level. 


Short description: For students with approx. 1 year of experience.



Apollo Swing Morgane

Morgane Borra

Lindy Hop
Level 1 NEW, Level 1 + Plus
Solo Jazz
Level 1 NEW, Level 2
Apollo Swing Jérôme

Jérôme De Paepe

Lindy Hop
Level 1 NEW, Level 1 + Plus, Level 2, Level 3



187€ pp
/17 classes
170€ pp
/17 classes
for students under 26 years old


15/02/2024 ~ 04/07/2024
no classes on 29/02/2024, 07/03/2024, 02/05/2024, 09/05/2024


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