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The dance classes at Apollo Swing are open to people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience. Our instructors are excited to share their passion for jazz dance with anyone willing to listen; our classes are relaxed, inclusive, social, and just a lot of fun! Different styles of dancing and approaches to teaching are celebrated and embraced here at Apollo: swing dances are social dances, defined by improvisation and freedom of expression. Diversity, creativity, and community are at the heart of what jazz dance is all about, and our mission here at Apollo Swing! 

Blues level 1 NEW

Blues level 1 NEW

At this level, there is no need for any blues dancing experience. If you’ve already had several teasers or participated in previous jamborees, you are also welcome in this level. You will be able to consolidate your basics, and to enrich your vocabulary and explore the many genres, rhythms and tempos.

No partner is required, and everyone will get the opportunity to dance with each other in both lead and follow roles.

We will work on solo movement, but also, we will dance in couple.

Since blues dancing often involves connecting in close embrace (a body to body connection between partners) consent will be prioritized at all times. Everyone has the right to say no to a dance and that right must be respected.

Blues level 2

Blues level 2

At this level, you would have had a steady harvest of blues dance classes and would have taken part in several classes, workshops or festivals. The intermediate level will take your skills up to the next and you will enlarge your vocabulary and refine the basic movements. Classes will focus more on musicality and technique the different blues dance idioms. By the end of the course, you’ll have the tools to express yourself in to the solo and partnered dance, with a more extended knowledge of blues dancing aesthetic and eventually its culture and history.


Solo Blues

Solo Blues

Solo Blues dancing is performed without a partner, on a large variety of Blues music. No prior experience is required, but if you are a long-time or a Lindy Hop dancer, it might be an asset for mastering the movements and rhythms on slow music. Solo Blues differs from partner Blues dancing, even though performed on the same Blues music, inviting alternatively slower, sensuous, or accentuated movements on stronger rhythms.



Apollo Swing Elena

Elena Cancilla

Lindy Hop
Level 1 NEW, Mix level, Level 1 + Plus, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5
Solo Jazz
Level 1 NEW, Level 2
Solo Blues
Solo Blues
Apollo Swing Rostom

Rostom Mhadhbi

Solo Blues
Blues level 1 NEW, Blues level 2, Solo Blues



154€ pp
/14 classes
140€ pp
/14 classes
for students under 26 years old


13/02/2024 ~ 02/07/2024
no classes on 20/02/2024, 05/03/2024, 19/03/2024, 16/04/2024, 30/04/2024, 07/05/2024, 21/05/2024


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