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SWITCH - Lindy Hop Workshop in Brussels

Lindy Hop dancing in both roles! You will learn to both lead and follow.


Learn the basics of Lindy hop and find your happy feet in 6 hours! A solid foundation for your future on the social dance floor. 

It is not necessary to register with a partner.


After this workshop you can join the weekly class at the same place on Thursday 8:30-9:45 with Ornella & Vincent

Apollo Swing


14 Oct
Lindy Hop beginner
15 Oct
Lindy Hop beginner


This workshop is aimed at those with little or no dance experience, those who have danced other styles of dance than Lindy Hop and those who have a basic knowledge of Lindy Hop but want to learn the other role.

There will be a 30-minute break each day.


Lindy Hop beginner

For absolute beginners. Discover lindy hop for the first time. No previous experience is required.
We'll start with the basics and move through the essential steps to get you confident enough to dance socially. 

About theTeachers

Ornella - Apollo Swing

Ornella Mickie

Visual artist, Ornella Macchia is also dancer, performer and teacher of Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz from Brussels. She is inspired by the Authentic Jazz and Swing of the Afro-American community between 1920' and 40 in Harlem, New York. Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, Harvest Moon Ball, Spirits moves, etc. are her sources of inspiration. With a background in gymnastics, classical dance and Tango, she flourished in Lindy Hop in their rhythmic and theatrical aspects. In 2017, she joined the Brussels performance group Jazz Maniacs which is characterized by Flashy steps, Fast Dance and Aerials. Recently she joined the Old-Style Jazz Dance Troup "The Old Soulz". She performs in Belgium and abroad, in festivals and competitions... and winning the last Savoy Cup Team City battle. As a teacher, Ornella wants to share her passion by combining technique, challenge, Old school style and joy !
Apollo Swing George

George O'Neill

George has been dancing lindy hop and solo jazz since he arrived in Brussels in 2015. He loves the Brussels swing dance scene and the opportunities these jazz dances provide for self-expression and improvisation. He is a member of the Jazz Maniacs dance troupe, which trains and performs high-tempo and acrobatic choreographies in the spirit and style of the original lindy-hoppers.

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Price for 6 hours workshop


Price for 6 hours workshop

for students less than 26 years old
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How to get there

Den Teirling
Maesstraat 89
1050 Elsene
50.830701019492, 4.3728568

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