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Solo Jazz workshopwith Astrid

Solo jazz is an integral part of the lindy hop. Understanding how to move your body to the music when you’re not dancing as a couple, will elevate your couple dancing as well. In these workshop we’ll go over some of the old moves and focus on personal style.

Apollo Swing Astrid


02 Mar
Solo Jazz beginner




Solo Jazz beginner

This level is open to everyone. We will work on classic solo jazz vocabulary and play with rhythm. This class will help you be more creative in your lindy hop dancing. Boys and girls welcome, no previous dance experience is required!

About theTeachers

Apollo Swing Astrid

Astrid Akay

Artistry is in Astrid’s blood! Growing up with a love of dance, music and theatre, Astrid studied 4 years of theatre studies at the Royal Conservatoire de Liège, before travelling internationally with various theatre projects. One such project, based on a poem by Hatian author René Depestre, introduced Astrid to African American blues and working songs, piquing her interest in jazz music and history. It was this newfound love for jazz that led her to discover Lindy Hop and other authentic jazz dances. Today Astrid is part of the Brussels performance group the Jazz Maniacs. Her central interest in jazz dance is the old-school style of Lindy Hop, and the freedom of improvisation in jazz - which for her is also influenced by her professional background as an actor and theatre director. As a teacher, Astrid is passionate about sharing this love for music, improvisation and jazz history with others.


Price for 2 hours workshop

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Weldadigheidsstraat 74
3000 Leuven
50.871105, 4.7036599

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