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Lindy Hop Intermediate Workshopin Brussels

Lindy Hop workshop for intermediate level. You don't have time to follow weekly classes and you miss dancing so much? Or you simply want to enjoy a few hours workshop with the one and only Morgane & Jérome? Be welcome!!

Thomas Hardison


19 Jun
Lindy Hop intermediate


Lindy Hop intermediate

You’ve mastered the basic charleston, triple steps, groove walks, kick steps on basic patterns like send-out, tuck-turn, change places, circle, and know the difference between dancing in a 6 and an 8 count. You are hungry for more.

About theTeachers

Apollo Swing Morgane

Morgane Borra

Coming first from the Rock ‘n’ Roll world, with her father being the lead singer of the Belgian Blues-Rockabilly Band, The Wild Ones, Morganne spent all her life listening to Gospel, Swing, Blues, Rhythm’n’Blues, Country, Rockabilly and Rock’n’Roll. She grew up as an Old Soul, always attracted to and fascinated by things from the past; specifically, it was her love for African-American Culture that led her Lindy Hop.
Apollo Swing Jérôme

Jérôme De Paepe

Jerôme started dancing at Apollo Swing in 2012 and has been hooked ever since. He loves movies, good beers, otters, and of course - swingouts.


For 3 hours class

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How to get there

Etterbeek Sport
Rue des Champs 71
1040 Brussel
50.8304765, 4.3937715

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