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Balboa workshop Namuravec Elise & Didier

Venez découvrir cette danse joyeuse. Chouette opportunité pour apprendre à danser sur des tempos rapides. 

Apollo Swing Elise


28 Jan
Balboa beginners



Balboa beginners

No prior knowledge is required as we will build-up the dance step-by-step. These various building blocks will give you the know-how and skills to work with and to further experiment.
If you already have experience with balboa, the approach and method offered in the classes will provide with the perfect refreshment course and give you the tools to improve communication with your partner.

About theTeachers

Apollo Swing Elise

Elise Moureau

Since 2016 Elise has been running one arm of Apollo and loves organising almost as much as dancing! Passionate about developing her skills across a wide range of swing dances including solo jazz, Charleston and Balboa, as a teacher Elise wants to bring this passion and enthusiasm to her students, and believes very much in making swing dancing accessible and fun for anyone brave enough to try it!
Apollo Swing Didier

Didier Loiseau

He introduced Lindy Hop in Belgium together with Geneviève, resulting in the creation of Apollo Swing in 1996. For over twenty years, Didier has been spreading his cheery disposition and sharing his talent in Belgium; both in Lindy Hop classes, and on the social dance floor. He remains as passionate as at the start of his career, and is always on the lookout for new inspiration.

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Price for 2 hours workshop

per person
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How to get there

Salle Phénix
Rue de l'Institut 37
5004 Namur
50.4718738, 4.888851

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