Nick Baeten

In a way, Nick started dancing as an escape from daily life, where he was studying creative therapy and working as a youth counselor. For years Nick wanted to dance Lindy Hop – and once he tried it, it turned his life upside down. Hyperactively, he started taking courses at different schools across Belgium, and went social dancing at every opportunity. Soon enough, opportunities to train, teach, perform and compete came his way: Alongside his work at Apollo, Nick is part of two performance groups in Brussels, the Jazz Maniacs and the Dirty Second lads, and has performed and taught across Belgium in shows for Radio Modern. It is Nick’s firm belief that learning Lindy Hop should be fun, and not about memorizing a multitude of complicated steps: Do what you feel, be dynamic and keep that flow. Unorthodox and theatrical… What did you expect?
Apollo Swing Nick

Lindy Hop:

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