Carole has been passionate about dance and swing music from her young age, a natural attraction that quickly pushes her to take the road to Boogie Woogie competitions in France and Europe. It was only in 2014 that she discovered Lindy Hop in search of novelty and inspiration. Her favorite thing: " The social Dance", to connect, share, follow, build in pairs, give, learn from each other, exchange and enjoy this music that she adores. Very quickly, this interest in couple dance also allowed her to realize the importance and the positive impact of solo danse. A unique opportunity to enrich your dance with a better freedom of interpretation, a new vocabulary and a connection to the origins of this dance: the Jazz Steps and more particularly to have fun with simple or complex rhythms. In 2016, Carole began to teach, taken by the desire to share her passion while continuing to train as a dancer and as a teacher. Carole is an organic and passionate dancer who won't leave you indifferent and might even inspire you by watching her dance.
Apollo Swing Carole

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