Brieuc developed a crush on Lindy Hop while he was still a student. Like many students, he came across some incredible videos of fabulous dancers that made him curious to try it. It was finally arriving in Brussels and discovering all the dance parties and the social side of swing dance that finally ensured he was addicted. Always on the dancefloor for fun, his dance style is rather theatrical. A love of fun, bonding with people, and musicality are key to Brieuc’s dancing. Never hesitate to ask him to dance when you meet him, he will be happy about it! Lead, follow - everything suits him! After all; we're here to have fun!
Apollo Swing Brieuc

Lindy Hop:

Level 1 NEW, 
Level 1 +Plus, 
Level 2, 
Level 3, 
Level 4, 
Level 5

Solo Jazz:

Level 1 NEW, 
Level 2, 
Level 3

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