Ayumi first discovered the world of dance during university through Rock ‘n’ Roll and ballroom dancing. For several years now she has been passionate about swing dance, which has become her daily source of energy. Dance is a universe in which everyone can express their inner-selves and share their emotions, while also challenging themselves. Ayumi seeks to transmit this to her students by sharing all her energy and passion. Taking her inspiration from old clips from the ‘30s and ‘40s, especially those of the Harvest Moon Ball competitions, in 2018, Ayumi started dancing with the Brussels troupe, the Jazz Maniacs.
Apollo Swing Ayumi

Lindy Hop:

Level 1, 
Level 1 +Plus, 
Level 2, 
Level 3, 
Level 4, 
Level 5

Solo Jazz:

Level 1, 
Level 2, 
Level 3

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