Tap dance workshop with Bara 26 – 27/10

Tap Dance workshop with the talented Bara!!

★ Location: Brussels
★ Level: beginners to intermediate
★ 4 hours
★ Check Bara’s dancing here!
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: 26/10/2019
: 45€/55€

About the teachers

Bára Hřebačkov (Tap dance)

Bára Hřebačkov (Tap dance)

Bára Hřebačkov (Tap dance)

Barbora “Bára” Hřebačková makes her living through dance. An early dancer herself, she Hip Hopped her way into Tap, Charleston, Authentic Jazz & the Lindy Hop, growing more and more in all these styles of swing dancing in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. Currently she is living and working in Europe’s much alive jazz-city, Brussels, Belgium. Do find her anywhere around Europe dancing & teaching, and enjoy her all-the-way graceful, light way of moving to the beat


Beginner to intermediate

During this intensive workshop you will learn basic tap dance techniques and traditional vocabulary.
Part of the classes will be also excercises on rhythm feel and timing, all in connection with jazz music.


Normal Reduced
For 4 hours classes - 2 days workshop55€45€ *

* for students under 26 years old


Saturday 26/10

14:30 - 16:30: Tap Dance

Sunday 27/10

14:30 - 16:30: Tap Dance

How to get there?

Jogo Vivo
Rue d'Edimbourg 16
1050 Brussels (Ixelles)


Get inspired by her daning by checking her Facebook page and this wonderful vidéo!


You could join with normal shoes but they need to have hard soles.

Where can I find dance shoes?
Shops in Brussles: 
Online Shops:



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