Collegiate Shag Brussels 1-2/02

★ Location: Brussels

★ Level: Collegiate Shag New beginners

★ 6 hours class

After this workshop you can join the Beginner/Intermediate weekly class on Thursday 8:30pm – 9:45pm, see info here.

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: 1 & 2 February 2020
: 50€ / 60 €

About the teachers

Anton Potocnik (Shag)

Anton Potocnik (Shag)

Anton Potocnik (Shag)

Since early days Anton (originally from Slovenija) was interested in the art of body  movement. He especially enjoyed dancing where a combination of movement, music and interaction with a partner  offered him the ultimate challenge. After many years of dancing salsa, Anton moved to Zurich where he met swing dancers and immediately fell in love with Lindy hop. Never before he realized how much fun dancing can be. His latest obsession is Collegiate Shag where no song is fast enough for him. Fast kicks, mindless thinking and energetic music is what keeps him on a  dance floor until the very last song. Anton draws his inspiration from Steven and Chanzie and a number of other incredible international teachers.

Lies Vogeler (Shag)

Lies Vogeler (Shag)

Lies Vogeler (Shag)

With a love for social dancing and a passion for self-development to become a better dancer Lies hopes to inspire people to learn and enjoy everyday dancing as much as she does. No matter if it is Lindy, Balboa, or Collegiate Shag you will always find her with a big smile on a social floor moving in old and new rhythms of swing music. This energy is what made her want to teach and share the excitement in the first place. The social aspect in Lindy Hop is very important to her as she feels privileged to have met so many great and talented people at various events at home and abroad.



New beginners

We hope to inspire you to get on your toes, tap the beat and enjoy the social dancing even more with quick steps of Collegiate Shag. Funky and energetic swing-like moves of Collegiate Shag coming all the way from student parties in the 1920/30 offer an exciting dancing to faster swing songs. In our class you will learn characteristic shag figures with relaxed upper body and crazy moving legs. If you haven’t seen shag dancing before, have a look at the famous old cartoon “All the cats join in”. With Collegiate Shag you will be able to follow and enjoy very fast swing rhythms with minimal effort. Don’t hesitate to jump in, we will give it all so you can learn Collegiate Shag in a fun and happy atmosphere!


Normal Reduced
60 €50 € *

* for students less than 26


Saturday with Lies & Anton

15:00 - 18:00: Collegiate Shag Beginner

Sunday with Lies & Anton

15:00 - 18:00: Collegiate Shag Beginner

How to get there?

Jogo Vivo
Rue d'Edimbourg 16
1050 Brussels (Ixelles/Elsene)

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