Playing on the dance floor 31/03 – 3/05 – 13/05

“Yes! I did all my moves in 3 minutes.” Succeeded or still hungry?
And… did you both have fun?
Well, we will work together to find out all the secrets of creating playfulness.
Dancing should be all about FUN. So you can expect a lot of that in this workshop!


★ Lindy hop workshop

★ In Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent

★ All Levels (see below)

: 2 hours
: see below
: 20 €

Come Dance With Us


  • Date: Saturday 31th of March
    Teachers : Nick & Verdiana
    Schedule 2 - 4pm
  • Cost: 20 €


  • Date: Thursday 3rd of May
    Teachers : Nick & Austeja
    Schedule 8 - 10pm
  • Cost: 20 €


  • Date: Sunday 13th of May
    Teachers : Nick & Verdiana
    Schedule 2 - 4pm
  • Cost: 20 €

About the teachers

Nick Baeten

Nick Baeten

Nick Baeten

Fairly new, Nick was stung by the Lindybug two year ago. He starts taking classes in 2016 at several schools simultaneously, taking workshops whenever he could and being an (hyper)active social danser in Belgium and at international events.
He believes in continuously developing your own style on the dancefloor, with an eye for improvisation, originality and fun! Nick especially likes theatrics, breaks and influences from other styles in the dance.

Verdiana Tedeschi

Verdiana Tedeschi

Verdiana Tedeschi

It all started with a fifties Fiat 500, since then she lives a life of vintage passion: from clothing to hairstyling, furniture and music. So it wasn’t long until Verdiana discovered the Lindy drug during her work as a vintage hairdresser for Radio Modern. Once she got the bounce in her bones, her life changed completely. You can regularly see her popping up at social dances in Belgium and attending international dance camps and workshops, catching the eyes of the innocent bystanders with her Italian style lindy moves. When it comes to swing dancing, for Verdiana it’s all about having fun and moving your body to the music. Musicality is the key for two individuals to become one on the dance floor.

Austeja Zalalyte

Austeja Zalalyte

Austeja Zalalyte

The whole life on the dance floor! She started dancing at the age of 3, she did ballroom dancing for 7 years until she found lindy hop. At 2011 she discovered this dance that gripped her and kept her in with the great spirit and joy of it. 3 years later she started teaching at the Hoppers’ Dance Studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. With every group of students, with every festival she gets more and more inspired in teaching, performing and involving herself into this community. She loves the way jazz and swing music lets her express herself and spread her understanding about the music and the movement.


All level

This is an all lindy hop level workshop because FUN is something anyone could use. To join this workshop you need at least to have follow 6 months of weekly lindy hop classes.


Normal Reduced
For 2 hours classes 20 €-

How to get there?

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