Intensive Beginners & Intermediate Brussels 14-15/03/2020

★ Location : Brussels

★ 2 Levels : New Beginners and Intermediate

★ Price : for 6 hours class


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: 2 - 5:30 pm
: Saturday 14 & Sunday 15th of March
: 50 / 60 €

About the teachers

Earanee Niedzwiecki

Earanee Niedzwiecki

Earanee Niedzwiecki

A lover of Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) and Nat King Cole since childhood, it was the swingin’ tunes that drew Earanee to her first Lindy Hop class in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia. Bitten by the jitterbug, Earanee soon began following her love of swing dance around the globe, and has since taught and competed across Australia, Europe and the US.

Geneviève Vermylen

Geneviève Vermylen

Geneviève Vermylen

Geneviève Vermylen is one of the founders of Apollo Swing who started in 1996 and is the owner of Apollo Hop.
It is the passion of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s which naturally put Lindy Hop on her path. She discovered the Lindy Hop at Herrang Dance Camp and has been trained and inspired abroad by top international teachers. Her goal was to see a full dancefloor of swing dancers from all ages having fun on Swing Bands in Belgium; this goal has been reached in more ways than one as the virus of Lindy is amongst us! Geneviève is head of the organization of the International workshop « Crazy Swing Camp» since 2001 where they host the best TOP dancers in the world.

Sven Van houcke

Sven Van houcke

Sven Van houcke

Sven made his first dance moves as a teenager with Slow waltz, quickstep, jive, disco swing.As a young adult, he stopped dancing because judo, paragliding, canyoning and taking care of his family took up all of his free time. But blood is thicker than water: a few years ago, he again felt dancing butterflies in his stomach. Together with his partner Elke he discovered the pleasures of Lindy Hop and attended several schools to improve his skills. Nowadays not a single day passes without him being busy with Lindy Hop. The social dance floor is his habitat. Sven likes nothing better than passing his passion for Lindy Hop to others.


Beginners with Geneviève & Sven

You haven’t danced Lindy Hop ?
Come and learn some basic steps and figures.
All you need is a pair of dance shoes and being in a good mood :-)
After this workshop you will be able to dance Lindy Hop at social dances and have fun!
This workshop is meant for those who are absolutely new to lindy hop and are about to learn their first steps and for those who want to join our weekly classes afterwards. No previous dance experience at all is necessary.You learn in 6 hours basic moves in triple steps and groove walk on basic patterns like the send out, tuck turn, change place, bring back, circle and will basicly learn how to lead or follow those different patterns. We will use 6 counts and 8 counts. Our warm up will have nice charleston and kick moves as well.

Intermediate with Earanee & tba

You need to know the basic of the Lindy hop to join this workshop.
You’ve mastered the charleston, triple steps, groove walks, kick steps and mix the 6 and an 8 count in your dance.
You have follow at least 1 year of weekly Lindy Hop classes.

The content of this workshop will be something you will not see at your weekly class, this weekend it will be some solo moves and playing with rhythm "Jazz up your lindy" and "How to level-up your dancing and learn complex choreographies"


Normal Reduced
60 €50 €

* for students less than 26


Saturday 14th March

14:00 - 17:00: Intermediate
14:30 - 17:30: New Beginners

Sunday 15th March

14:00 - 17:00: Intermediate
14:30 - 17:30: New Beginners

How to get there?

Maison de quartier Malibran
Rue de la Digue 10,
1050 Ixelles - Brussels


Additional information

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★ To join the class on Sunday you need to have followed the class on Saturday, it’s the continuation

★ See also our FAQ


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