From Gospel & Charleston to Rock n’ Roll 14-15/03/2020

★ Location : Brussels

★ 2 Lectures :

“From Gospel to R’ n’ Roll” about the music

“From Charleston to R’ n’ Roll” about the dances


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: Saturday 14 & Sunday 15th of March
: 15 - 45 €

About the teachers


From Gospel to R' n' Roll

It begins with the first Gospels (Spirituals and Work Songs) sung by Africans newly arrived in the New World and leads to the first songs of Elvis, a shy teenager walking on Beale Street, Memphis Tennessee, the street of all frontiers.
Soon he hypnotizes the crowds, a new music sweeps the world: Rock'n'Roll, the symbol of the 50's youth, was born. Social and political events shed light on developments and changes in musical creation

From Charleston to R' n' Roll

Enjoy the story of the dances till the 50’s...


Normal Reduced
From Gospel to R' n' Roll30 €-
From Charleston to R' n' Roll 15 €-


Saturday 14th March

11:00 - 13:00: From Gospel to R' n' Roll

Sunday 15th March

17:30 - 18:30: From Charleston to R' n' Roll

How to get there?

Maison de quartier Malibran - Salle a Tout - 1st floor
Rue de la Digue 10,
1050 Ixelles - Brussels


Additional information

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