Lindy Hop workshop for beginners – Brussels 8/09

★ Location : Brussels

★ Level : New Beginners

★ Price : for 3 hours class

You haven’t danced Lindy Hop ?
Come and learn some basic steps and figures
All you need is a pair of dance shoes and being in a good mood 🙂

: 3 pm till 6 pm
: Saturday 8th of September
: 30 / 35 €

About the teachers

Nick Baeten

Nick Baeten

Nick Baeten

In a way Nick started dancing as an escape from daily life, where he was working as a youth counselor and graduating creative therapy classes. For years Nick wanted to dance LindyHop – and finally gave his life that spin.
Hyperactively he started taking courses, combining schools and going to social dances like a (hyperactive) maniac. Passing through-  projects popped up. Opportunities to train hard, teach, perform and compete came his way.

Learning LindyHop should be fun and has not a lot to do with multitude of complicated steps. Do what you feel, be dynamic and keep that flow. Unorthodox and theatrical… what did you expect?


Earanee Niedzwiecki

Earanee Niedzwiecki

Earanee Niedzwiecki

A lover of Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) and Nat King Cole since childhood, it was the swingin’ tunes that drew Earanee to her first Lindy Hop class in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia. Bitten by the jitterbug, Earanee soon began following her love of swing dance around the globe, and has since taught and competed across Australia, Europe and the US.



This workshop is meant for those who are absolutely new to lindy hop and are about to learn their first steps or for those who want to try our classes before joining our weekly classes. No previous dance experience at all is necessary.


Normal Reduced
35 €30 €

* for students less than 26


Saturday 8th of September

15:00 - 18:00: Beginners

How to get there?

Jogo Vivo
Rue d'Edimbourg 16, 1050 Brussels


Additional information

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