The dance lessons of Apollo Hop are accessible for everyone, whether you are experienced or not.

Our teachers will do everything to share their passion for dancing the Lindy Hop.

With their pedagogical and personal approach everybody will have the opportunity to discover the joy and social aspects that prevail on the Lindy Hop scene across nations.

Our NEW BEGINNER class starts on Thursday 22nd of February at 7pm.



  • Time:

    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm : Discovery
    8:00 pm - 9:15 pm : Tommy 2

  • Date: till 21/06
  • Cost: 127,5 € / 237,5 €

How to get there?

Muziekcentrum Goedleven, Goedlevenstraat 179, 9041 Oostakker

About the teachers

Nick Baeten

Nick Baeten

Nick Baeten

Fairly new, Nick was stung by the Lindybug two year ago. He starts taking classes in 2016 at several schools simultaneously, taking workshops whenever he could and being an (hyper)active social danser in Belgium and at international events.
He believes in continuously developing your own style on the dancefloor, with an eye for improvisation, originality and fun! Nick especially likes theatrics, breaks and influences from other styles in the dance.

Austeja Zalalyte

Austeja Zalalyte

Austeja Zalalyte

The whole life on the dance floor! She started dancing at the age of 3, she did ballroom dancing for 7 years until she found lindy hop. At 2011 she discovered this dance that gripped her and kept her in with the great spirit and joy of it. 3 years later she started teaching at the Hoppers’ Dance Studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. With every group of students, with every festival she gets more and more inspired in teaching, performing and involving herself into this community. She loves the way jazz and swing music lets her express herself and spread her understanding about the music and the movement.


Discovery/Beginners – Welcome to the Lindy Hop

This level is meant for those who are absolutely new to lindy hop and are about to learn the dance’s first basic steps. You don’t need any previous dance experience.

You will learn the charleston, triple steps, groove walks, kick steps on basic patterns like send-out, tuck-turn, change places, circle, etc…
You will learn how to lead or follow these different patterns.
The main focus of this course is to discover and dance the Lindy Hop and allow you to go to social dances and have fun!

  • On Thursday from 7 till 8 pm 
  • Session February
    • Date :  15 classes from 22/02 till 21/06 (no class on 5/04, 12/04, 10/05)
    • Price :   142,5 € pp (  127,5 € for students less than 26 years old) 

Tommy 2 – Growing vocabulary (level 3)

You have follow +/- 1 year of weekly classes with Apollo Hop.
You’ve mastered the basic charleston, triple steps, groove walks, kick steps on basic patterns like send-out, tuck-turn, change places, circle, and know the difference between dancing in a 6 and an 8 count.

During this course we will expand your vocabulary with new moves, teach several variations on moves you already know, help you improve the basics, such as the bounce, and work on your technique and connection.

  • On Thursday from 8 till 9:15 pm
  • Session January
    • Date : 20 classes from 11/01 till 21/06 (no class on 15/02, 5/04, 12/04, 10/05)
    • Price : 237,5 € pp (212,5 € for students less than 26 years old)