Can I try out a class?

Yes, you can try out a class for 12€/hour. If you wish to join the whole session, the 12€/hour will be deducted from the total amount of the session.

I have no partner. What should I do?

During the class we do change partner so you don’t need to register with a partner but we are looking for a balance Leaders/Followers.
You can register with the registration form on the website alone (you will arrive on a waiting list) and when a dancer also register alone we will contact you to confirm your registration.

Do we change partner during the class?

Yes, this helps both leader and follower become better faster, as they both are exposed to different dancers with varying strengths and weaknesses.
But we won’t force you to change partners. However, we strongly encourage it.
We know you’ll make progress a lot faster if you do dance with others.
But it is possible to dance only with your own partner without changing, please in this case do inform the teachers.

What clothes do I wear during a class?

Anything you feel comfortable in! Some people like to bring an extra T-shirt, it might get sweaty!

What shoes should I use?

We like to dance in sneakers that are light and not too grippy. Some guys like to dance on leather shoes.

I have a lot of other dance experience, can I skip the discovery level?

We recommend you to do the basics anyways. In our classes we see that experience in other dances doesn’t necessarily means that you will learn Lindy Hop quicker. You might need to get rid of some habits or you might need to learn how to move your body in a different way. If we see that you pick it up quickly, you might go to a higher level after the basics (if the leader/follow ratio in class allows it).

I am a girl, can I lead? I am a boy, can I follow?

Leading is only for men? Following is only for girls? Not anymore! Ladies are also very welcome to start leading! However, when you start in any role, you have to continue for a whole session at least.

Classes started already. Can I still join?

It is still possible to join on the second class. If you wish to start after that we’ll suggest you contact the teachers to have their opinion. Taking a private class can be helpful as well.
If you are already dancing lindy hop (not a beginner), you are welcome to join all year long, you don’t need to wait a begin of a session.

Is it possible to follow two lindy Hop levels?

Yes, it is possible but always ask the teachers first. If you take an additional class, you will benefit from a 50% discount.

What is Lindy Hop and why is everyone in love with it?

If there’s a word we would use to define Lindy Hop, that would be “FUN”. The only proof we need is a quick search on Youtube. Smiles, euphoria and good vibes fill the dance floors when the upbeat jazz melodies blast through the speakers. But what is Lindy Hop and why is it getting so popular these days?
Considered the original swing dance, Lindy Hop is a fusion of many different dances like the Charleston, jazz, tap or breakaway. Also known as the “jitterbug” in Australia, the Lindy Hop is a fascinating dance that can be both wild and crazy, with fast moves and incredible aerial acrobatics, or relaxed and sophisticated with slow tempo steps.
Lindy Hop is considered a “social” dance, thanks to its close connections to the dance ballrooms in America, which means everyone is welcome! No matter your age, your level of fitness or if you’re a total beginner. Once you got the Lindy bug, there’s no way to stop!

History of Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop was born in Harlem, New York, during the 20’s and became really popular during the Swing Era of the 30’s and 40’s.
Although not completely confirmed, the term “Lindy Hop” is normally attributed to George “Shorty” Snowden, an African-American Harlem dancer who came up with the name after a dance marathon, in reference to Charles Lindbergh, the first person to fly solo from New York to Paris and “hop” across the Atlantic.

General Terms and Conditions

Apollo Swing House Rules

  1. In case of injury and with a doctor's certificate sended the week of the injury, a carryforward could be considered. No deposit or registration fees will be refunded.
  2. If you’re not able to follow the whole session, we will charge you 12€ per hour, 15 € 1h15, for each class you will attend.
  3. The association, teachers and staff are not liable for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to, personal property.
  4. Apollo Swing do reserve the right to modify the planning and to cancel classes if there are insufficient registrations.
  5. A class goes on if a minimum of 8 couples are registered.
  6. For the comfort of all, a correct dress is required; think of wearing clean clothes, adapted to the dance; the activity making us spend energy, think deodorant :-)

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