Tranky Doo with Leni 30/10

The Tranky Doo is a jazz dance choreography. A source states it was choreographed by Frankie Manning himself and ″…named in tribute to the chorus girl who inspired it.

At that time, it was danced to Tuxedo Junction, however many modern day performances of the dance use other swing jazz songs. It is most common these days to perform the dance with the song “Dipsy Doodle” by Ella Fitzgerald because the dance appears in the Spirit Moves documentary film with a playback of the song. However the film originally had no sound, and the song “Dipsy Doodle” was artificially superimposed on that section of the film. It should also be noted that Dipsy Doodle’s structure does not fit the structure of the Tranky Doo, since the song is a 12-bar blues structure and the choreography is 32-bar swing structure .

It was common to Lindy hoppers, like the shim sham. (source Wikipedia)

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: 30/10/2019
: 35€

About the teachers

Leni Denorme

Leni Denorme

Leni Denorme

Leni got to know the Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz in 2009 and was immediately in love. Together with a group of enthusiastic dancers and friends, she was the basis for revitalizing Lindy Hop in Ghent. What started as a passion and hobby, evolved into a full-time professional activity. Hereby she combines her pedagogical background with her dance experience. She gives weekly dance lessons at Crazy Legs Danceschool and regularly gives workshops and initiations. Leni travels around Europe to dance (social dance) and to continue her education. She participated for years in the performance group The Dipsy Doodles and can be seen on stage.

In addition to dancing, Leni goes one step further. She organizes respected swing events and festivals (LouisLou) and runs all kinds of swing projects. She continues to dream of a swinging future and hopes to be able to share this expertise as much as possible with a passionate and new audience.


Open level - Tranky Doo

You don't need any particular experience to learn this routine. Everyone is welcome.


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19:00 - 22:00: Tranky Doo

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Rue du Fort 35
1060 Brussels (Saint-Gilles)

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