Solo Jazz Workshop with Elisabet

The freedom comes from the technic, but the technic comes from the freedom.

This workshop is all about corporal expresion, make people dance, forget the fears, enjoy with the music, do not think… just feel your body inside of the music. Jazz is about experience in ‘your’ life, it’s about telling stories to people. Dance is a language and your body speak with the movements you choose.

: 20/10/2018
: 50€/90€

Come Dance With Us

Augustinessenklooster Romaanse Poort & kapel

  • Date: Saturday 20 October
  • Cost: 50€/90€

Appeltuin School

  • Date: Sunday 20 October
  • Cost: 50€/90€

About the teachers

Elisabet Monllor

Elisabet Monllor

Elisabet Monllor

Elisabeth Showed interest in different types of music and started improvising dance movements from a very tender age. In her early twenties, she attended salsa and ballroom classes and soon was able to teach various age groups in dance schools and sports complexes: modern dance, Hip Hop, Funk, Salsa, cha-cha, Rock & Roll. Her artistic background in illustration, photography, painting as well as writing opened her vision of dance in her personal projects as well as in collaboration with other artists.

While Rock & Roll was her favourite dance as a young girl, Lindy caught up with her through YouTube videos where she discovered Hellzappoppin. Her professional career in Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz, combining Leader and Follower, started about five years ago in Alcoy, Spain where she organises in the Winter Black Swing festival.

Elisabeth loves participating in social dance, jams and Jack & Jill for which she won a few awards and earned her to be in the final of ESDC’2015, PARIS JAZZ ROOTS’2016, HARLEM LT’2016, THE WORLD JAM 2016.

Her teaching focusses essentially on the energy and expression of the dancer and finding one’s own personal movements. Technique allows for freedom, but also derives from freedom. Jazz talks about who you are. Elizabeth couldn’t imagine a life without music, nor without dancing.


Intermediate+ & Advanced

You are an experienced lindy hop dancer and you want to spice up your solo dance. You definitely could perform the Shim Sham with absolutely no problem and probably the Tranky Doo. Maybe even a bit of the Big Apple, even if you can’t keep all the parts absolutely straight, you at least know some of it! You’re very solid with all the basic vocabulary but need to work more on improvising and putting in style and rhythmical changes.

Beginner+ & Intermediate

This is probably one of your first intensive solo jazz workshop. You’re working on getting control and precision in your basics still – you have some knowledge of basic solo vocabulary. You have probably already learned the Shim Sham, though maybe you don’t always remember it. So you want to become more comfortable dancing solo and playing with rhythms. You want to get precise in your movements and pick up the more complex vocabulary and sequences like you’ve seen in routines such as the Tranky Doo or the Big Apple.


Normal Reduced
for 4 hours solo jazz classes50€45€
for 8 hours solo jazz classes (combining beginner+ & Intermediate+)90€80€


Saturday 20 October

11:00 - 13:00: Create your language - part 1: «Listen» for intermediate/advanced
13:30 - 15:30: Create your language - part 2: «Feel» for intermediate/advanced

Sunday 21 October

11:00 - 12:00: Solo Jazz for KIDS (from 6 to 8 years old)
13:00 - 15:00: Play with Rythm - part 1: for beginner/intermediate
13:30 - 15:30: Play with Rythm - part 2: for beginner/intermediate

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  • Augustinessenklooster Romaanse Poort & kapel

  • Appeltuin School

Dance first, think later it's the natural order

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