Lindy Hop – Aerial – Solo Jazz with Roser & Leo 6-8/03

Lindy Hop – Aerial – Solo Jazz weekend with a talented couple from Spain & Italy, Roser Ros and Leonardo Ost.

* 3 lindy hop levels
* 2 Solo Jazz levels
* 1 Aerial level



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: 6/03/2020
: 8/03/2020

About the teachers

Roser & Leo

Roser & Leo

Roser & Leo

Roser Ros

Roser is an international lindy hop, aerials and solo jazz teacher based in Barcelona. She started doing gymnastics when she was 3 years old and later entered in the world of circus. All this time she has been learning different types of dance till in 2011 she discovered for herself lindy hop and can’t leave it ever since. Roser has perfected her technique all over Europe learning with the best international teachers and has formed her energetic and precise style. Now she is teaching in Barcelona and at some of the most important Lindy Hop events around Europe.

Leonardo Ost

From Rome, Italy, Leonardo started his journey as a dancer at the age of 13 diving into Hip Hop and its related styles, where he performed, trained and competed nationally. After discovering Lindy Hop at a music and cultural festival in Rome, he hasn’t turned back since and his passion and love for the dance has only continued to grow. Apart from his strong focus and studies in Lindy Hop, he also teaches Blues, Authentic Jazz and St Louis Shag and has recently discovered his love for Tap Dance. As he loves to take inspiration and ideas from as many places as possible, he has also touched on Balboa, Contemporary, Modern Dance, Afro and Ballet. Leonardo believes that taking knowledge from various styles of dance allows for stronger understanding and awareness of body movement and therefore a better understanding and connection with the other person during couple dance. Leonardo has been travelling, teaching, performing, competing & attending dance classes from the best international Swing Dancers around the world developing his own dynamic style and unique personality.


Aerial - Open level

Open level for beginners or people who followed one or two workshops. You need a fix partner therfore. We don’t change partner during this class. You are also responsible in case of injuries.

Lindy Hop beginner - intermediate

You’ve learned most of the basic steps like charleston, triple steps, groove walks, on basic patterns like send-out, tuck-turn, change places, circle. You know how to do them but you are not always confident. You would like to master them and learn some new rythmical variations.

Lindy Hop intermediate

You’ve mastered the basic charleston, triple steps, groove walks, kick steps on basic patterns like send-out, tuck-turn, change places, circle, and know the difference between dancing in a 6 and an 8 count. You are hungry for more rythm and musicality in your dancing.

Lindy Hop Advanced

Your life is a mix of parties, classes and workshops. You are a confident leader and follower and you can improvise to fast music. Your own dance style and personality shine through which makes the difference for a more personal musicality and mood expression. You master the different skills needed in Lindy Hop in either slow or fast tempos.

Solo Jazz beginner - intermediate

This is probably one of your first intensive solo jazz workshop. You’re working on getting control and precision in your basics still – you have some knowledge of basic solo vocabulary. You have probably already learned the Shim Sham, though maybe you don’t always remember it. So you want to become more comfortable dancing solo and playing with rhythms. You want to get precise in your movements and pick up the more complex vocabulary and sequences like you’ve seen in routines such as the Tranky Doo or the Big Apple.

Solo Jazz intermediate - advanced

You are an experienced lindy hop dancer and you want to spice up your solo dance. You definitely could perform the Shim Sham with absolutely no problem and probably the Tranky Doo. Maybe even a bit of the Big Apple, even if you can’t keep all the parts absolutely straight, you at least know some of it! You’re very solid with all the basic vocabulary but need to work more on improvising and putting in style and rhythmical changes.


Normal Reduced
Aerial (2 hours of aerials)35€-
Solo Jazz only (2 hours of solo jazz)35€-
Lindy Hop only (3 hours lindy hop) 48€-
Full pack Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz (3 hours lindy hop & 2 hours solo) 78€-
Maxi pack Aerial, Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz (2 hours aerial, 3 hours lindy hop, 2 hours solo jazz)108€-


Friday 6 March

20:00 - 22:00: Aerial for open level

Saturday 7 March

10:00 - 13:00: Lindy Hop for beginner - intermediate
14:00 - 17:00: Lindy Hop for intermediate

Sunday 8 March

10:00 - 12:00: Solo Jazz with Leo for beginner – intermediate
10:00 - 12:00: Solo Jazz with Roser for intermediate - advanced
13:00 - 16:00: Lindy Hop for advanced

How to get there?

Appeltuin School
Weldadigheidsstraat 74
300 Leuven

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