The dance lessons of Apollo Dream are accessible for everyone, whether you are experienced or not. Our instructors will do everything to share their passion for dancing the Lindy Hop. With their pedagogical and personal approach everybody will have the opportunity to discover the joy and social aspects that prevail on the Lindy Hop scene across nations. A lot of attention goes to the right techniques that form the basis for leading and following on the dance floor, to ensure you can transfer the lead and feel how to follow your partner.



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    9:00 pm - 10:00 pm : Tommy

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How to get there?

Centre sportif Lycée Martin V
Rue du Collège 3
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

About the teachers

Céline Antoine

Céline Antoine

Céline Antoine

Céline has attended many dance classes in her youth, ranging from tap dancing, classical, modern, to ballroom dancing. She is a huge fan of dances and music from Hollywood musicals from the 30s and 40s. Her wide spectrum of interests could only lead to her discovering Lindy Hop. Now that she is hooked, she can never have enough of the positive energy and the infectious high spirited mood within the Lindy Hop community. You can count on her to share her passion for Lindy Hop with enthusiasm and kindness.

Julien Taymans

Julien Taymans

Julien Taymans

Julien discovered Lindy Hop through his love for jazz. He has been training assiduously with the Apollo Swing Team for the past two years and regularly attends workshops. He will be in a good position as a teacher to help beginners in the Lindy Hop adventure.


Tommy 1 – Spice up your vocabulary (Beginner-intermediate)

You’ve mastered the basic charleston, triple steps, groove walks, kick steps on basic patterns like send-out, tuck-turn, change places, circle, and know the difference between dancing in a 6 and an 8 count.

During this course we will expand your vocabulary with new moves, teach several variations on moves you already know, help you improve the basics, such as the bounce, and work on your technique and connection.

This level will focus on making you a social dancer capable of dancing with anyone at a party.

  • Session September
    • Price: 125€ pp (115€ pp for students under 26 years old)
    • Dates: 13 classes from 9/10 till 29/01 (no class on 30/10, 18/12, 25/12, 1/01)
  • Session February
    • Price: 165€ pp (155€ pp for students under 26 years old)
    • Dates: 17 classes from 5/02 till 25/06 (no class on 12/02, 2/04, 9/04, 21/05)