Brussels (Woluwe)

The dance lessons of Apollo Dream are accessible to everyone, whether you are experienced or not. Our instructors will do everything to share their passion for dancing the Lindy Hop. With their pedagogical and personal approach everybody will have the opportunity to discover the joy as well as the social aspects that prevail on the Lindy Hop scene worldwide. A lot of attention goes to the right techniques that form the basis for leading and following on the dance floor, to ensure you can transfer the lead and feel how to follow your partner.




  • Time:

    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm : Discovery

  • Date: 19/09 till 23/01/2020
  • Cost: 155€/145€

How to get there?

Centre Sportif Mounier
Avenue Emmanuel Mounier 87
1200 Brussels (Woluwe)


About the teachers

Morgane Borra

Morgane Borra

Morgane Borra

Coming first from the rock’n’roll world with a father being the lead singer of the Belgian Blues-Rockabilly Band, The Wild Ones; Morgan spent all her life listening to Gospel, Swing, Blues, Rhythm’n’blues, Country, Rockabilly and Rock’n’roll. She grew up as an Old Soul, being always attracted and fascinated by things from the past. But that’s her love for America and most specifically the African American Culture that led her to the video of the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers dancing in the Hellzapoppin’ movie. It left her in shock. She then promised herself that one day she would dance the Lindy Hop.
And since that day finally arrived, the adventure never stopped, taking multiple classes, workshops here and abroad, training hard and going social dancing quickly became a part of her daily life, always excited to learn some more.
But for Morgan, it is more than just a dance, when the music starts, it’s a call from deep down her soul, it’s a whole experience, It’s lettin’ go, Forget your troubles, just feel the music in your bones and let the magic happens!

Jérôme De Paepe

Jérôme De Paepe

Jérôme De Paepe

Jerôme started dancing at Apollo Swing in 2012 and continue to evolve ever since. He loves movies, good beers and otters. 


Discovery – Explore the basics (NEW Beginners)

This level is meant for those who are absolutely new to Lindy Hop and are about to learn their first steps. No previous dance experience is required.

You learn the basic Charleston, triple steps, groove walk, kick steps with basic patterns like the send out, tuck turn, change place, bring back, circle and you will learn how to lead or follow the different patterns.

The main focus of this level is to become able to dance Lindy Hop at social dances and have fun!

  • Session September - January 2020
    • Price: 155€ pp (145€ pp for students less than 26 years old)
    • Dates: 16 classes from 19/09 till 23/01/2020 (no class on 31/10, 26/12, 2/01/2020)
  • Session January - June 2020
    • Price: 185€ pp (175€ pp for students less than 26 years old)
    • Dates: 19 classes from 30/01 till 25/06/2020 (no class on 27/02, 9/04, 16/04, 21/05)