Brussels (Centre)

The dance lessons of Apollo Dream are accessible to everyone, whether you are experienced or not. Our instructors will do everything to share their passion for dancing the Lindy Hop. With their pedagogical and personal approach everybody will have the opportunity to discover the joy as well as the social aspects that prevail on the Lindy Hop scene worldwide. A lot of attention goes to the right techniques that form the basis for leading and following on the dance floor, to ensure you can transfer the lead and feel how to follow your partner.

The New Solo Jazz classes in Brussels (Centre) will start on Tuesday 26 March 2019 at 7:00PM.
The New beginners classes in Brussels (Centre) will start on Tuesday 26 March 2019 at 9:00PM.




  • Time:

    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm : Solo Jazz
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm : Billie
    9:00 pm - 10:00 pm : Discovery

  • Date: 26/03 till 25/06/2019
  • Cost: 115€/105€

How to get there?

Collective Garcia Lorca
Rue des Foulons 47-49 
1000 Brussels 

About the teachers

Astrid Akay

Astrid Akay

Astrid Akay

Ever since she was a child, Astrid has been very passionate about dancing. Growing up in a jazzy environment, as soon as she heard music, she was dancing. When she first set foot in a party, she immediately fell in love with lindy hop. Because of her time at the conservatory studying acting, she learned how to let herself go. Astrid is synonymous with lots of energy and happiness, which is hard to miss when you see her dance to jazz. She will most definitely motivate you to dance the lindy hop.

Sander Costermans

Sander Costermans

Sander Costermans

Ever since Sander was a teenager, he was very interested in jazz and the style from the swing era. He started dancing because he just couldn’t sit still when listening to music. He’s part of the Jazz Maniacs and the Old Soulz performance crews in Brussels, which have given him the opportunity to perform at events in the country and abroad. The authentic style is what he tries to recreate, but he likes to put in his own character as well. His goal in teaching people lindy hop, is to enable them to dance comfortably with anyone they happen to meet, and enjoy themselves when they go out dancing.


Solo Jazz

You want to spice up your couple dance and be able to make fancy variations? You know the Shim Sham and you want to learn more? For lindy hop dancers having beginner or intermediate level. Level also suitable for beginners and for people who have some basics but do not know a lot about solo jazz moves.

  • March Session
    • Price: 115€ pp (75€ for APollo Dream students)
    • Dates: 12 classes from 26/03 till 25/06/2019 (no class on 9/04, 16/04/2019)

Billie – Creative variations and combinations (Intermediate-advanced)

You dance on a regular basis at swing parties, you feel comfortable on the dancefloor. You’ve mastered the fundamentals of the dance and you are able to execute them with ease. You can comfortably perform a swing-out, mix 6 and 8 count moves, and you have a broad vocabulary of variations and sometimes create your own.

During this course we will expand on technique and the concepts of the fundamentals like the stretch, the counter-balance, frame,…

We will work on a relaxed and crystal clear connection, but also look at more difficult moves with creative footwork, fun variations and cool combinations. This level will challenge you on rhythm and technique.

You can join this level for several sessions until you are recommended by your teacher to proceed to the Chick level.
But don’t worry, there is plenty to learn.

  • Session February 2019
    • Price: 175€ pp (165€ pp for students under 26 years old)
    • Dates: 18 classes from 5/02 till 25/06/2019 (no class on 5/03, 9/04, 16/04/2019)

Discovery – Explore the basics (NEW Beginners)

This level is meant for those who are absolutely new to Lindy Hop and are about to learn their first steps. No previous dance experience is required.

You learn the basic Charleston, triple steps, groove walk, kick steps with basic patterns like the send out, tuck turn, change place, bring back, circle and you will learn how to lead or follow the different patterns.

The main focus of this level is to become able to dance Lindy Hop at social dances and have fun!

  • Session March 2019
    • Price: 115€ pp (105€ pp for students under 26 years old)
    • Dates: 12 classes from 26/03 till 25/06/2019 (no class on 9/04, 16/04/2019)