Classic Routines Holiday

Come and join the fun during the holiday to learn these classics and well know routines with the teachers of Apollo Dream.

  • Frankie Manning Shim Sham
  • Tranky Doo

: 04/03/2019
: 20€

Come Dance With Us

Shim Sham & Tranky Doo Leuven

  • Date: 6/03 & 7/03
  • Cost: 20€/30€

Shim Sham La Mi Lune Liège

  • Date: 4/03
  • Cost: 20€

About the teachers

Didier Loiseau

Didier Loiseau

Didier Loiseau

Since early in his childhood, Didier has been passionate about fashion, cars and of course dances from the 40’s and 50’s. His passion lead him to collect old records and to dress in vintage clothes. He discovered Lindy Hop in the late 90s and has been trained by big names the like of ’The Rhythm Hot Shots’ (Sweden), Steven Mitchell (USA), Frankie Manning (USA), etc. He trained abroad in major top festivals as well as in private training sessions. He introduced Lindy Hop in Belgium together with Geneviève, resulting in the creation of Apollo Swing dance school. Didier has been spreading his cheery disposition and sharing his talent for over twenty years in Lindy Hop classes in Belgium and on the dance floor. He remains as passionate as at the start of his career, is always on the lookout for novelties in this field and is constantly inspired by ‘The Ninjammerz’ (FR & USA) who are well-known for their unique dance style.

Sander Costermans

Sander Costermans

Sander Costermans

Ever since Sander was a teenager, he was very interested in jazz and the style from the swing era. He started dancing because he just couldn’t sit still when listening to music. He’s part of the Jazz Maniacs and the Old Soulz performance crews in Brussels, which have given him the opportunity to perform at events in the country and abroad. The authentic style is what he tries to recreate, but he likes to put in his own character as well. His goal in teaching people lindy hop, is to enable them to dance comfortably with anyone they happen to meet, and enjoy themselves when they go out dancing.

Elise Moureau

Elise Moureau

Elise Moureau

Elise is the perfect example of how a delirious student becomes a teacher in Lindy Hop. She discovered Lindy Hop a few years before joining the Apollo Swing team in 2012. As an art historian, she has always been passionate about early 20th century art and design, as well as music, fashion, movies and theatre of that era. In order to evolve and discover new challenges, Elise has been taking classes at prestigious international workshops in different dance techniques. She is steadily evolving within a wide range of dances such as Solo Jazz, Charleston, Balboa, etc. and seeks inspiration from the mainstream professional dancers. Enthusiasm and passion are keywords in Elise’s curriculum.


Open level - Shim Sham in Liège

The Shim Sham is open to everyone. No specific experience is required. These classic routines are solo dances; you do not need a partner. Teacher: Didier

Open level - Shim Sham in Leuven

The Shim Sham is open to everyone. No specific experience is required. These classic routines are solo dances; you do not need a partner. Teacher: Elise

Intermediate - Tranky Doo in Leuven

It is not necessary to know the basic shim sham from Frankie Manning but solo jazz experience is required. For level intermediate. Teacher: Sander


Normal Reduced
Price for 2 hours Shim Sham Reduced price for students20€18€
Price for 3 hours Tranky Doo Reduced price for students30€28€


Shim Sham in Liège

20:00 - 22:00: Monday 4 March

Shim Sham in Leuven

20:00 - 22:00: Wednesday 6 March

Tranky Doo in Leuven

19:00 - 22:00: Thursday 7 March

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  • Shim Sham & Tranky Doo Leuven

  • Shim Sham La Mi Lune Liège

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