Balboa workshop with Karen & Guillaume 2/11

Balboa comes in different shapes and styles; this introductory session will acquaint you with its basics. This will allow you to immediately step in and, before you know it, you’ll have added your own features.
You’ll have on the one hand pure baland on the other bal swing. The pure balkeeps you together in a closed position while for bal swingyou go your separate way. We’ll do both with the standard moves for a start. Imagine: single time basic, double time basic, crab walks, come-around, lollies…

Besides the different moves, feeling and technique are to be considered. What makes Balboa, Balboa? What does it have in common with other swing dances and how is it different? There are many practical tips and tricks which we will share with you.

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: 02/11/2019
: 48€

About the teachers

Karen & Guillaume

Karen & Guillaume

Karen & Guillaume

Guillaume Dragonetti and Karen Van Gysel have been teaching Balboa for several years. Besides their regular classes in Ghent, they are often requested for initiations and workshops. No matter what they’ll propose, it will be accessible, practical and usable.
They will particularly focus on balance during the lesson and the dancing. A positive atmosphere will make everything better. Balboa is a social dance with numerous interactions between partners. Therefore, learning how to communicate is for them a natural and essential component in their teaching.


Open level - Balboa

No prior knowledge is required as we will build-up the dance step-by-step. These various building blocks will give you the know-how and skills to work with and to further experiment. If you already have experience with balboa, the approach and method offered in the classes will provide with the perfect refreshment course and give you the tools to improve communication with your partner.


Normal Reduced
for students under 26 years old 48€40€


Saturday 2 November 2019

13:00 - 15:00: Balboa Part 1
15:30 - 17:17: Balboa Part 2

How to get there?

Appeltuin School 
Weldadigheidsstraat 72
3300 Leuven

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