Authentic Solo Jazz with Helena Bosseloo

Authentic Jazz is rooted in African and Afro-American dances as well as tapdancing. All you need for it is energy, individuality and the knack for improvisation. Your feet will follow the music in perfect rhythm, an essential aspect of Authentic Jazz Dance. Oldies music as well as Charleston and swing jazz will enable you to give free reign to your movements which could feature in Lindy Hop and will be a bonus for partying.

: 5/10 - 25/01
: 70€

About the teachers

Helena Bosseloo

Helena Bosseloo

Helena Bosseloo

Helena started dancing at a very early age; she began with Ballet in kindergarten and acquired a real taste for dancing. She took dance courses in different styles. After winning a title in the Belgian Championship (funk/hip-hop) at age fifteen, Helena started teaching dance classes and designing choreography. For ten years she taught in different disciplines (jazz dance, street dance, oriental dance, dance theatre) and always managed to creatively incorporate influences from flamenco, tap dance, body drumming, Bollywood, African dance, capoeira, break dance, tango and contemporary dance.
After leaving dance for a couple of years, Lindy Hop ignited her fire for dancing again. Not only the cheerful way of dancing, but also the complete setting, style and atmosphere from the days of yore make her heart pound.


Beginner & Intermediate

You want to spice up your couple dance and be able to make fancy variations? You know the Shim Sham and you want to learn more? For lindy hop dancers having beginner or intermediate level. Level also suitable for beginners and for people who have some basics but do not know a lot about solo jazz moves.


Normal Reduced
For 7 classes solo jazz70€55€

Reduced price applicable for those who also follow lindy hop classes with Apollo Dream.


Thursday (every 2 weeks)

19:00 - 20:00: Authentic Solo Jazz on 5/10, 19/10, 16/11, 30/11, 14/12, 11/01, 25/01

How to get there?

Weldadigheidstraat 74
3000 Leuven

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